1. Jack’s back.


  2. Anonymous asked: Do you know how Snake "went"? Were you there when it happened?

    Yeah. Otacon told me about it. I heard he died with a smile on his face, as a man with no regrets.


  3. Anonymous asked: Raiden, fanservice please.



  4. Anonymous asked: So raiden, did you go to New Zealand if to see your family? If so, was rose worried at all?

    I go as often as I can, which isn’t often. I don’t tell her what I’m doing so she worries less. She worries about me anyway.


  5. ask-broden-and-skull asked: My brother and I were just wondering, do you think you could win in a fight against us?



  6. Anonymous asked: So how is life raiden

    Fine I guess.


  7. willvoorhees2323 asked: Raiden what are your opinions on the AngryJoeShow youtube copyright incident

    Uh, what? What are you talking about?


  8. wheel-of-psychosis asked: Have you ever experienced amphetamine psychosis and did you ever engage in homosexual activities?

    Yeah. Don’t most people? And no. It’s not my thing.


  9. madhatterteapartywelcomesyou asked: C-Can I have a hug? Monsoon hurt my feelings. ;^;



  10. vex-the-living-doll asked: mister raiden sir! can I see that blade in action and NOT on me?